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Abhishek Pratap Singh


Abhishek Pratap Singh is the first person from Dhanbad to get into the field of Fashion and the first person from Dhanbad to join National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. After completing Fashion Designing in 1999 and Accessory Designing in 2003, Abhishek have been associated with various Rural Handicrafts related projects throughout India. Being impanelled with Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, he has been instrumental in developing numerous craft clusters in India. After the 2001 earthquake in Kutch, Gujarat, he was part of the core group of NIFT Delhi and CARE World who undertook a massive project titled “Rehabilitation of Local Craft Community”, which played a huge role in rehabilitating the craft artisans of sixteen villages in Kutch. Having done almost 70 National Level Craft Projects with various Central and State Government Agencies, he is one of the pioneers of Indian Handicrafts, especially languishing crafts (languishing crafts are those crafts which are either dead or almost on the verge of extinction). Currently settled in Dhanbad, he has been working with various tribes in Jharkhand since 2007, but since 2012 he has completely focused himself on tribal craft of Jharkhand. Currently he is working with a languishing Primitive Tribe called Sabar in Jharkhand and have been trying to revive their age old craft practices. He has been associated with various institutes like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), inter National Institute of Fashion Design (iNIFD), International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Women Polytechnic, etc. in the capacity of visiting faculty.


Technical Specialization

Design and Social Innovation at grass root level, Craft Development, System Design, Design Research


Material Specialization

Cane & Bamboo, Fabric & Textiles, Pottery & Terracotta, Metals, Leather, Lac & Lacquer, Stone, Paper Mache, Wood, Lantana & Sarkanda, Glass & Beads, Traditional Paintings, Grass & Plant Fibers, Carpets


  • Fashion & Accessory Designer, TEDx Speaker, Startups Mentor, Social Activist, Counselor & Motivator

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Dhanbad (Jharkhand)

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Phone:99395 06643